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This is beta free software for devices based on Realtek RTL8650B & RTL8650B CPU.
Official documentation of Realtek RTL8650B SOC.
Beta-howto for Edimax BR-6214K/KP device.
Patches, bug discussion are welcome at Forum.
Download compiled firmware possible from ZigFisher page.
Run command for download last SVN: svn co .

Disclaimer: I am not native English speaker, sorry for my English

Copyright: 2008-2009 © ZFT Lab. <>

Table of supported hardware

Vendor / Device Feature Status
Asus WL-566GM ?
D-Link DI-524UP ?
D-Link DI-604UP ?
D-Link DI-624S ?
D-Link DI-634M ?
D-Link DIR-100 ?
D-Link DIR-120 16M RAM, 4M Flash, USB supported with new ZFT Lab. bootloader
D-Link DIR-320 16M RAM, 4M Flash, USB, WiFisupported with new ZFT Lab. bootloader
Edimax BR-6214K 16M RAM, 2M Flash supported
Edimax BR-6214KP 16M RAM, 2M Flash, USB supported
Edimax IC-1500 ?
Kyocera KR-1 ? , USB
Linksys WRV-200 ?
Linksys WRT-54GX ?
Nethear KWGR-614 ?
Netgear RP-614 16M RAM, 2M Flash supported
Netgear WPNT-834 ?
Sitecom WL-173 ?

<color blue>Hardware hack D-Link routers: DIR-604UP / DIR-524UP / DIR-120 / DIR-320</color>
<color blue>Hardware hack Edimax routers: BR-6214K / BR-6214KP</color>

JTAG research:

CPU pin GPIO destination JTAG connect
68 Power LED on Edimax JTAG TMS
69USB LED on Edimax JTAG TCK
79Reset button on Edimax/D-Link

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