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Warning! This is beta-howto of midge rtl865x brach. Patches, bug discussion are welcome.

Edimax BR-6214K

  • CPU: Realtek RTL8650B
  • 2 Mb NOR Flash
  • 16 Mb SDRAM
  • 5 Ethernet
  • 1 USB 1.1 (on PCB)
  • 2 UART (1 port on PCB)

Console connection

RTL865xb has two serial/console port. PCB of Edimax BR-6214 there is a 4 pin connector marked JP1.

1-o o o o-4

1 - +3.3V
2 - Rx
3 - Gnd
4 - Tx

Port setup: 38400 8N1

More hardware hacks

Making beta-firmware

Download latest svn:
svn co
after downloading run ./make-rtl865xb in openwrt-midge directory

Uploading of firmware

To upload the firmware under Edimax-BR6214K you need DHCP and TFTP servers.

To install servers under Debian just type:
apt-get install tftpd dhcp3-server

  • Make sure that UDP 67,69 ports are opened
  • Put your firmware to /src/tftp
  • Edit new host configuration in /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf
host br6214k 
        hardware ethernet 00:0e:2e:fe:73:76;  # MAC-address of device
        next-server; # TFTP server 
        filename "br6214k.bix"; # Firmware name
  • Connect console cable to PC
  • Start terminal program (minicom, HyperTerminal, etc)
  • Setup 38400 8N1, no hardware handshaking
  • Turn on power to the router
  • On screen you will see prompt
  • Quickly press 'r'
(c)Copyright Realtek, Inc. 2003
Version 00.00.20(uClinux) (Jun  4 2007 12:56:37)
[865xB] CPU Clock Rate: 180MHz, Memory Clock Rate: 130MHz
Detected flash size: total 2MB.
SDRAM size: 8MB

--== Loader Menu ==--
'r' to update run image
'a' to change config
'l' to update loader
'g' to load run image without updating Flash
'h' to enter hub mode
'o' to update flash with ROM file
's' to test SDRAM memory
't' to test flash memory
'e' to erase flash memory
'p' to enter ping mode 
  • Typing 'r' and wait while firmware uploads and flash the device

Bootlog of midge-rtl865xb beta:

Loading runtime image ...

Unzip image from address: 0xbe020000
Start GZIP Decompression: Failed
Start LZMA Decompression:

Start runtime image at 80080000.

Powered by Realtek RTL8650B SoC, rev 1
SDRAM size: 8MB
CPU revision is: 0000ff00
Init MMU (16 entries)
Primary instruction cache 0kB, linesize 0 bytes.
Primary data cache 0kB, linesize 0 bytes.
Linux version 2.4.26-uc0 (root@work) (gcc version 3.3.5) #11 Пнд Янв 5 20:45:24 EET 2009
midge-rtl865xb login:
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