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Console cable

Read more about connecting the second uart.

Edimax 7207Apg serial console (pins must be soldered) 115200 8N1

o o o|o J3

0 - Gnd
1 - Rx
2 - Tx
0 - +3.3V

<note warning> Be aware that the console port operates on 3.3 Volt and connecting to a PC serial port which uses 12 Volt will fry your router!!

There are 2 ways to solve this:

  1. Build a serial cable using a MAX232 line driver to reduce the voltage. This was used in the early days of gsm cell phones to build your own data cable. These phones also operates on 3.3 volt serial signals.
  2. Buy a serial data cable for a gsm cell phone, figure out the Rx and Tx signals and solder this cable directly to jp2. I used a serial data cable for the Siemens x25,35,45 phones and connected it to jp2.

© RocketMan </note>



Read more about connecting the second uart.


Simple, but not recommended!

siemens data cable (C35, S35, etc.)

If your cable has four wires, it has GND, TX, RX, and +3.3V output from battery. GND (usually black) is soldered to pin 1 on Siemens system connector. The rest is as follows …

siemens JP2 pin
1 GND 8
4 +3.3V 2
5 TX 7
6 RX 1
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